School Supply List

Much of what is needed for students will be provided by the school so as long as your child comes to school with a positive attitude for learning, that’s all that is needed for success!  The only other thing that they really need is a pair of indoor shoes that they can wear in the gym. That’s it!

At the same time, it helps our school immensely if parents are able to provide their children with some of the basic school supplies.  If you are able, these are the items that could be purchased:

  • Required: Indoor non-marking shoes
  • Suggested Extras:
    • Grades 7-12
      • Knapsack or school bag
      • Pencils and/or pens
      • Notebook for each course/subject
      • Gym clothes and “tidy-up” toiletries (e.g. deodorant, comb/brush – UNSCENTED)
      • Lock for locker – the combination type – not the keyed type. Combination locks can be purchased at the office at a cost of $5.
      • Scientific calculator for senior high Math courses (Foundations and Pre-Calculus)

Later, students may need a display board for Science/Heritage Fair.