For any emergencies – contact the Principal at 867 620 2297 (over the summer – contact the Beaufort Delta Education Council at 867 777-2332)

The most up to date information about school events and announcements can be found on our Facebook site: East Three Secondary School Official site Inuvik, NWT

2019-20 Calendar

New students will need to complete an East Three Schools Registration Form with a scanned copy of the student’s Birth Certificate. Forms can be hand-delivered  to the main office of the school, faxed to the Principal Krista Cudmore at 867-777-4390, or emailed to

Registration forms are available by clicking this link -> east-three-student-updated-registration-form-2

New students are expected to have available a copy of a most recent report card or transcript of marks from their previous school. Not having this information may delay the registration and course selection process.

Keeping our eyes on the prize! ETSS School Goals

Don’t forget! We’re here for Learning!

Mission: East Three Secondary School will strive to provide a welcoming, cross-cultural environment that promotes the positive values of student achievement, citizenship and community.

Leadership Team Direction:  To increase academic, social, and emotional wellness of students by fostering quality teaching practices through teacher teams, cultural connections, and shared decision-making.


To determine, communicate and evaluate strategies that are used to guide and support the staff of East Three Secondary School to meet the learning goals as articulated in our school improvement plan and mission statement.

Summary of Improvement Goals:

Goal 1: To improve student performance in literacy and numeracy.
Goal 2: To enhance Aboriginal Language and Cultural programming for all students at ETSS.
Goal 3: To increase student attendance and positive engagement in class
 Goal 4: To improve career awareness and career program planning.